Friday, April 27, 2007

The Draft Looms

It's getting close, people. Very close.
In just about 24 hours we will know the fates of Brady Quinn, Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Gaines Adams, and the Washington Redskins' future at the 2007 NFL Draft.

In all liklihood, the sixth pick of the draft, held by the 'Skins, will go to a defensive lineman. But which one? Possibly Jamaal Anderson, or maybe 19-year-old Amobi Okoye, and if they are met with a miracle, Gaines Adams. Marred by a discouraging draft past, the Redskins need to grab a sure thing.

The more intersting pick, it seems, will be the first one, held by the Raiders.

Experts agree that it will be between JaMarcus Russell, the huge quarterback, and Calvin Johnson, the huge, almost ensured, talent.

The Raiders need a quarterback, that much is for certain. But with an owner like Al Davis, will they satisfy a need or satisfy the clearly aged mind of an owner gone stale?
Russell is huge and possibly solid. Johnson is possibly great and definitely solid.
If it were my money, I'd go with the sure thing, which is Johnson. It looks like the Raiders need a change in philosophy more than they need a great quarterback. A solid veteran with with a stabilized offensive structure to go along with an already fine defense would do loads more for the franchise than a rookie quarterback thrust into a bad situation.

Sure, the Raiders already have Randy Moss, but is anyone expecting him to stay around much longer with that attitude of his?

Go with Johnson, Mr. Davis. He's a good kid and a sure thing. Or you can trade the pick to the Redskins. Your choice.

Friday, April 20, 2007

What Should We Expect?

Who are the Washington Redskins going to pick in this year's draft?

I really have no idea.

It seems like every year they need a run-stopping, quarterback-dismantling defensive end. But every year the 'Skins seem to instead trade the pick or grab themselves a defensive back or linebacker.

The Sporting News has speculated that the 'Skins have their eye on Alan Branch from Michigan. The 6-5, 324 giant appears to be a solid pick. If they pass on Branch they are said to also have their eyes on Georgia's Charles Johnson and Louisville's Amobi Okoye, the 19 year-old phenom.

Now people can say the 'Skins need a defensive end, but if a talent like Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson is still on the board (He won't be), then they need to take him. The old NFL mantra for making picks is to take the best player on the board, so we will wait and see what happens.
They may need a big 'ole defensive lineman, but I want Calvin Johnson on the team.
The team that seems to do most of their thinking with their eyes and not their brains has the No. 6 pick. I hope they choose wisely.

Tripping into the Playoffs

The Wizards tried their very best not to make it to this year's playoffs. They lost two all-stars and won only two of their last nine, propelling them to the seventh seed in the eastern conference and cementing a first-round match with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Caron Butler, with his ailing hand still in a cast, said he believes he might be able to make an appearance in the first round if the series goes that long.
We'll see.
The Wizards have found it tough to consistently score for stretches like they used to. They simply can not do it like they once did. Gilbert Arenas and Butler are just that good. No team would be able to completely pick up the slack if they lost two scorers like those.
These playoffs might be a lost cause, but with a bench that has gained so much experience this season, the Wizards might make bigger waves next season.

The Cavaliers are a pretty big plate to down for a Wizards team missing its two biggest eaters.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ethical Questions We All Should Ask

Do we need to see the contents of the package sent by Cho Seung-Hui to NBC? Is it necessary to tell his story? Should we even be telling his story? Is this only fulfilling his final wishes?

It is not as simple as showing the pictures and videos and not showing them. NBC had a tough decision to make. I'm just not sure it was the right one at this time.

The tragedy happened on Monday Apr. 16. The package was delivered to NBC yesterday, Wednesday Apr. 18. Some of the contents were shown that night, including a menacing and self-iconic picture of Seung-Hui with guns drawn at either side. Today, some video clips were presented that included audio, as well as more pictures.

The question is, should NBC be showing these things so soon? Virginia Tech students interviewed on CNN told reporters that the pictures and video clips only brought them more pain and fulfilled a killer's wishes.

I do believe that the package's contents needed to be seen. However, it may be too soon. The nation will always mourn the lost, but process of mourning is still a new aspect in the lives of all of us.

What's done is done. Hopefully more thought may be given for future.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Nation Mourns

It is impossible to understand the tragedy that occurred in Blacksburg on Monday. The lives lost and the innocence taken is incalculable. People will now have to lead lives that will be forever marked by tragedy, and they will be the lucky ones.

The total count of lives lost ended at 33. No answers can be given to the family and friends of the 33. Those families, those friends, will carry on without some of the people they love most because they have to. They don't have a choice. They will cry. They will cry because they should cry. A nation cries with them.

In the 33 will be brothers, sisters, fathers, sons, daughters and heroes. They will be remembered because we refuse to forget.

Asking the question "Why?" is natural. We have to comprehend all of the events that just exploded before us. There has to be a reason. But we may find there is not. Will any reason satisfy the question?

Perhaps instead of asking why, we ought to ask "How?" How can this be prevented? How can we ensure that such tragedies do not match the 33?

How can we honor the lives lost?

By making sure when they were lost sense was found. Let us make sure that this is not repeated.

George Mason stands beside Tech, and so does the rest of the nation.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Strength From Within

Did the Washington Redskins actually display some reserve?

The Redskins will not be getting heralded Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs--at least not yet. Apparently the Redskins were not willing to risk the present for the future.

Yes, you read correctly.

The Chicago Bears wanted Redskin's linebacker Rocky McIntosh to be part of the deal. The Redskins said--please sit down before you read on--no.

McIntosh, a rookie last season, did not even start for the Redskins until Dec. 24. According to Howard Bryant of the Washington Post, the Bears had had their eye on McIntosh going into the 2006 draft, and hoped that they could manage a deal where the disgruntled Briggs could be dealt for the youthful McIntosh and a few other incentives.

The Redskins appear to actually want to keep McIntosh for the future. They were unwilling to forgo his potential for a player that has already shown a capacity for unrest. This, my dear 'Skins fans, is a good sign.

It is becoming apparent more and more that the key to winning may actually be cultivating a base of players acquired through the draft. That means player you draft, you keep, unless it is clear that their talent does not match their paycheck.

For the time being, the Redskins appear to be sticking with Redskins.

Good for them.

A Season Ended With a Tear

It's over, folks. The Wizards are done. There is no coming back.

After a season that started with such high hopes as well as high win totals, the Washington Wizards find themselves without the league's fourth leading scorer and three time all-star.

Gilbert Arenas was averaging 28.4 points per game and an even 6 assists before he collided with Charlotte's Gerald Wallace on April 4 at the Verizon Center. The collision essentially put an end to the Wizards season. It also put a tear in Arenas' knee.

Having already lost fellow all-star Caron Butler to a broken hand, the Wizards now are left to the mercy of their bench--a bench that cannot pick up the offensive slack left behind by two all-stars.

The Wizards are all but assured a playoff spot for the third straight season. The spot was supposed to be a stepping stone to a deep playoff run. Now it's just a hole for which to fall.